WSMDRC believes that the best way to help the vulnerable and needy people is to give them a hand up rather than a hand-out.

Giving them moral support, approaching them with heartfelt humility and respect makes them aware that someone really does care about them and wants to help them improve their situation.

 Partner with us by:

  • Providing them with opportunities to improve their condition on their own, which increases their self-esteem and helps them overcome the barriers they face every day.
  • Helping them to discover their own capabilities and capacity and putting them to use at the right place at the right time.
  • Supporting them and letting them know that they have something of value which can be used for meeting their needs

At WSMDRC we focus on Community development areas, by implementing Microfinance Projects in agriculture, although we are limited because we lack means to provide with the assistance that they need in the areas of education and health areas.

In partnership with the World service of Mercy in Denmark (WSM), WSMDRC helps people to improve their lives! We evaluate the needs of vulnerable people in DR Congo and collaborate with local associations, NGO-non-profit organizations both national and international, to support differents projects in DR Congo towards improvement of lives of the local people, economically, socially, and physically- through for example healthcare.

We also work to provide communities with reources, increase opportunities, and raisse their self-esteem by providing direct support, as they may need.

World Service Of Mercy Drcongo. WSMDRC'S OBJECTIVE 

To work for the improvement of the standard of living of vulnerable and deprived people in the local communities.

To strengthen the foundations of sustainable development by controlling constraints related to agriculture, livestock farming, and natural resource management.

To develop, disseminate and implement projects and programs of action in the fields of agricultural, economic, health-care and the promotion of biodiversity.

To ensure the respect of the regulations in the field of environment, food, energy, waste management, town planning, advertising, and living environment, and work towards their improvement,

To promote education, social and economic development of children in general, in particular, the girl child and the vulnerable woman. To offer humanitarian services and relief as well as assistance to the victims of tribal and political conflicts.

To ensure that vulnerable people such as pregnant women, and malnourished children have access to affordable, quality health care for.

To support vulnerable and poor people in communities with initiatives to access drinking water (development of sources and water drainage points).

To give technical supervision to the vulnerable and poor people in general and in particular girls and women in income-generating activities.
To establish and monitor these development activities.


We envision a world where the foundations of a life with dignity are accessible to all. Where the poorest, vulnerable and the excluded can influence the decisions that affect them.

Where each person is free to flourish and can live in peace and joy.

ADDRESS: 02 Avenue Mwela, Kibeti coin Mongaka / Commune Annex. Lubumbashi, Katanga, DRCongo

Phone:  Drcongo /+243 815644571


                Denmark / +45 41295960

We collect second-hand items

We collect and send differents items to our contacts in DR Congo to distribute among people in need.

Denmark contact: +45 41295960

Please support our work

To donate to our work please transfer funds to: (Jyske Bank Denmark)


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